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Roy Jones Memorial Tribute

Roy Jpnes

Roy Jones was one of our longest serving volunteers.  Both guests and volunteers will remember not only Roy's incredible dedication to the charity, his modesty and kindness but also his continuous sandwich supply for guests throughout the Christmas week.

Roy sadly passed away in March 2011 and we wanted to recognise his commitment in some way.  Each year, we have chosen one volunteer to talk a little about their experience as a volunteer at Birmingham Christmas Shelter and what the charity has meant to them.


Wayne volunteered for the first time in 2012. We asked Wayne how he found out about Birmingham Christmas Shelter, a little bit about his volunteering experience and what he would say to others who were thinking about getting involved.

"I found out about Birmingham Christmas Shelter Charity from my sister-in-law by chance on Facebook. I decided to volunteer for the Charity so that I could help people who were less fortunate than me and I felt that I could relate to certain situations that some of our guests had experienced.

I really enjoyed helping the guests and giving up my time for people who needed some support.  I can honestly say there was
not one shift that I did not enjoy.  I met some interesting people during my four shifts (guests and volunteers).

I would advise that if you are interested and have time over the festive period and want something rewarding to do, then please do not hesitate to come and volunteer at the Birmingham Christmas Shelter.

People have asked me what my favorite part in volunteering was. To me this is a hard question to answer. In my personal opinion I enjoyed every aspect of volunteering at the Shelter, as I knew what we achieved would make a difference to the guests who need the shelter as a retreat from their normal routine or a place for them to chat and obtain advice"

Thank you Wayne for sharing your experience with us. We're really pleased that you enjoyed volunteering and look forward to welcoming you back in 2013!

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