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Learn more about the Trustee role

 Our current Board of Trustees is made up of:

7 Executive Trustees (these Trustees are responsible for the organisational, strategic and financial aspects of the charity and also
work over the Christmas week).

4 Non-Executive Trustees (these Trustees attend quarterly meetings with the Executive Trustees. They bring specific knowledge and expertise to the board and can provide links with external organisations that aid our planning throughout the year).

The expectations of Executive Tustees during the year include:

Attending monthly meetings (usually on a Saturday morning).

(Non-Executive Trustees attend quarterly meetings).

There is a training / team-building session every September (one day) that all Trustees are expected to attend and all Trustees also refresh their First Aid skills annually.

Specifically for Executive Trustees, there is a higher level of commitment compared to volunteers and Area Team Leaders.  We are flexible, however, around individual commitments over the Christmas week and are happy to discuss working patterns that fit with personal lives and commitments.

Non-Executive Trustees may work over the Christmas week as a red t-shirt volunteer though this is not obligatory.

Applying to become a Trustee

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, we ask that you write to us / email us, formally outlining your reasons for wanting to become a Trustee (Executive or Non-Executive), the skills you feel you would bring to the role and providing the names of two referees that we may contact. 

We will also need ask you to complete a DBS check (all Area Team Leaders and Trustees are asked to do this annually). 

Once the DBS is complete and references are complete, we will invite you back to meet with us on a 1:1 basis so that you have a chance to chat with all the Executive Trustees and ask any questions.  A decision will then be made with regards to confirming you in post.

What makes the charity work so well is the broad range of skills that everybody brings to Birmingham Christmas Shelter. Your enthusiasm and passion for the work that we do is of course the most important thing that we are looking for!

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